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You know it in your gut.


It’s time to improve your family’s health & eating habits.




About Me

Hi, I’m Bernadette! Health and wellness coach, Biology teacher and nutritional science nerd, and an Italian who loves to eat, talk, cook, and design delicious recipes.

Health Coaching

I teach individuals and families how to use the power of food and nutrition to develop a lifetime of attainable, sustainable, and delicious healthy habits.

Healthy Recipes & Tips

Follow my blog for new recipes, meal prepping tips, and wellness articles. I love to share what I’m learning, cooking, and implementing with my clients and in my own life.


7 Day Clean Eating Kit


Clean eating is easy when you practice healthy habits every day! My 21-page 7 Day Clean Eating Kit provides a game plan and recipes to jumpstart your new healthy lifestyle. It’s included with every initial, free consultation! Ready to rebuild a healthy relationship with food?


Trust Your Gut.

It’s time to begin building a healthy, sustainable lifestyle around real food—for yourself, your family & your future. Are you ready?